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Alfa Romeo Brera



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The Alfa Brera, a new prestige coupe able to arouse great emotion and guarantee maximum driving satisfaction. The designers had one aim in mind, to marry the elegant, sporty line of an outstanding car with the comfort and quality of a luxury saloon.


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The philosophy behind the interior design took into account three guidelines, character, sportiness and quality. Inside smooth curves suggest speed and slenderness. The exterior styling contribute to the impression of a powerful sports car with it's broad tail lights, four exhaust pipes, wide tyres and sporty alloys. The panoramic fixed glass roof allows more light into the car and gives passengers a sense of space while also accentuating the car's slender shape. With it's original internal lines, appealing colours and high quality material for panels, dashboard and seats, it just delights the senses!


This car offers great road handling and maximum stability in high speed manoeuvres. With an advanced braking system to prevent the wheels from locking and to ensure control of the car in all conditions- to the multitude of airbags (including a drivers knee airbag), it offers state of the art safety technology without compromising on style.


The Alfa Brera just elegantly whispers comfort- with the convenience of sporty controls, the easy reading of all the instrumentation, the excellent hand position and grip of the 3 spoke steering wheel, and the supportive seats designed specifically to absorb vibration. It's a head-turner!

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