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Alfa Romeo 147 Hatchback

Alfa Romeo


147 Hatchback


From 13,850


Small family

The Alfa 147 is renowned for its distinctiveness and verve. A luxury hatchback -available in petrol or diesel, in 3 or 5 door –with all the style and elegance of Italian design!

Alfa Romeo 147 Front

Alfa Romeo 147 InteriorAlfa Romeo Hatchback 147 rear



A car with a powerful street presence and unique styling features such as the prominent shield on the V shaped bonnet. These cars have been designed for people who like to express their individuality. You can choose the colour of the fascia and the upholstery, or compliment the car by choosing the option of going for the full luxurious leather. If sound rocks your boat, then the Lusso version can be specified with the Bose sound system, this allows perfect sound reproduction. Get ready to sing your heart out!


Aimed to protect you every time you get behind the wheel- standard items include six airbags, a fire prevention system which automatically cuts off the fuel supply in the event of a serious impact, and a passenger cabin that is designed as a survival cell. With sophisticated interactive electronic devices that assist in braking, skidding etc- you can feel that this car doesn’t compromise in one of the most important area’s- it’s safety first and foremost!


With the contemporary feel of modern upholstery and trims, climate control for getting the temperature just right, and the option of having the exclusive CONNECT, a sophisticated system that includes radio, dual-band GSM telephone, satellite navigation, voice commands and request for service or assistance (SOS)- it’s a winner! And to really add the parmesan to the pasta it achieves circa 35 miles to the gallon.

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